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2.2 Beauty Set- Care

2.2 Beauty Set- Care
2.2 Beauty Set- Care 2.2 Beauty Set- Care
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Dark Circle Reducing Eye Care(30ml)

Slim Face Medi- Deep Clean Mask(70ml)


Dark Circle Reducing Eye Care

The Golden hours for Masks
When people are in sleep, the whole body is under relaxing condition, this is the best timing for skin to absorb ingredients.

The peak hours for our body cells to take self-recover is at 11:00pm – 04:00am,
thus, we should make use of this Golden hours to refill water and ingredients for our skin.

O’slee Dark Circle Reducing Eye Care Sleeping Mask is made for urbanites.
It provides extra care to eye areas to reduce fine lines and dark eye circles.

The beauty ingredients will go under skin constantly and stimulate the blood circulation.
When you wake up the other morning, you will find the recovery effect!


Press Clipping:

Shared by Josephine Ong


Slim Face Medi- Deep Clean Mask

Sliming Face & Deep Cleansing in 10mins

No Need Lipomassage Or Injection

  • Accelerate Lymphatic Circulation
  • Reduce Double Chin
  • Thin Out Chewing Muscles
  • Deep Cleansing
  • Pore Refining
  • Leave Skin Velvety After Use

Active Steatolysis
V-shape Face

Patent ingredients- Phytosonic. Carry the same function as ultra-sound wave fat dissolving technology, can go deep into skin layer for decomposes the fat and active steatolysis. Effectively slim the face down and remove double chin. 

Thin Out Chewing Muscles
Remove Double Chin
Theophyllisilane Methylsilanol C: provides skin firming effects, weaken and thin out chewing muscles, make jaw line sharper.

Deep Cleansing & Pore Refining
Leave Skin Velvety After Use

Deep Sea Mineral Mud Mask: 
Dissolve dirt and excess grease, able to control excess oil, minimize pores, neutralize skin toxins, and prevent the growth of acne.  Instantly leaves skin soft and smooth after use.

Accelerate Lymphatic System
Remove Dropsy Face

With Aesculus Hippocastanum Extract, which promote micro-circulation and accelerate lymphatic drainage system. Improve dropsy face.

How to use:
Leave dry face and hand after cleansing; spread a thick layer evenly onto the whole face. Avoid eye area. Rinse with warm water after 10 minutes. (Easy clean up by using cleansing sponge) Follow with toner and moisturizer.

For external use only. Stop application if skin reaction occurs and consult your doctor.

Made in Hong Kong