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11.11- Beauty Set- COMBO

11.11- Beauty Set- COMBO
11.11- Beauty Set- COMBO 11.11- Beauty Set- COMBO
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Rosehip Beauty Solution lll (100ml)(without box)

Rosehip Hydra-White Cleansing Powder (55g)


Rosehip Beauty Solution lll 

Contains 7 enhanced Skin Care benefits resulted in Extra Moisturizing & Extra Whitening:
  • Extra Moisturizing : Increase and retain skin moisture. Regulate the balance of moisture and oil level of skin.

  • Extra Whitening : Reduce pigmentation, spots and make skin translucent white.

  • Pore-Refining & Blackhead Reducing : Promote skin revitalization and minimize pores. Purify residues and reduce the formation of blackheads.

  • UV-Oxi Protecion : Reduce skin oxidation by neutralizing free radicals produced by UV Rays.

  • Enhance Absorption Ability : Soften and remove corneous dead cells. Optimize skin absorption ability.
  • Mulit-function : Soak a cotton pad with Rosehip Beauty Solution Advanced Formula III and gently place over the face or apply on the whole body after shower.
  • Relaxing : Natural rose scent offers relaxing feeling.



How to Use:

  1. Toning : Use after cleansed as toner day and night
  2. Make-up Base: Apply before wearing make-up
  3. Soothing: Apply on sensitive skin to give a soothing effect
  4. Deep Moisturizing : Soak a cotton pad with Rosehip Beauty Solution and gently place over the face. Remove after 5 minutes
  5. Body Lotion : Apply on the whole body after shower

Rosehip Hydra-White Cleansing Powder 55g

  • Whitening & Remove Cuticles
  • Deep Cleansing
  • pH5.5 Good For Heathy Skin
  • Minimize Skin Irritation
  • Botanic Cleansing Formula

Deep Cleansing, Removing Cuticles

The micro-form cleansing powder which contains coconut and cinnamon, can remove blackheads and cuticles without drying the skin.

Instant Whitening Extra Moisturizing


How to use:

Expired Date: Aug 2021

Made in Hong Kong