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Rosehip Beauty Solution Ruby Toner

Rosehip Beauty Solution Ruby Toner
Rosehip Beauty Solution Ruby Toner Rosehip Beauty Solution Ruby Toner
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O'slee Rosehip Beauty Solution Ruby Toner

Made with natural clustered water, easily permeate into skins and cells, activates the cell tissue and relesase the vitality of life.  Add in the essential of rosehip, provides multi-benefits to skin:  Moisturing, Relaxing and Whitening.  Formula lV adds in the essential of peas, to increase collagen repairmen, tight up and reduce wrinkles, also improves the absorption ability of skin.  

  • Permeating Ability Increased
  • Enhance Absorption Ability
  • Tight up Skin
  • Whitening Increased
  • Anti-Oxidant Increased

3 Key Essentials

1) Clustered Water 
    Be called the ruby of water

Precious Natural Clustered water
In between 0.45Gs-0.5Gs of Geornagnetism, water is broken down into smaller structure naturally.  It's precious and top quality water, also be call the ruby of water.

  • Be able to go through the routeway in 2NM of cells.
  • Goes into the cell nucleus, activates the cells.
  • Highly permeating and diffusive to skin.
  • Effective in smoothen, whitening and anti-aging to skin.

2) Rosehip
Skin benefits are recommended by prefessionals

  • Recover the damages tissues.
  • Helps the growth of skin tissue.
  • Helps the growth of collagen.
  • Deep retain skin moisture and pore-refining.
  • Control Free Radicals and Anti-Oxidant.
  • Whitening.

3) Pea Essentials
Stem cell Activation

  • Stimalate self-repairing ability of stem cells.
  • Activates the vitality of cells.
  • Helps the growth of collagen.
  • Improve Elasticity of Skin.
  • Tight up the reduce wrinkles.

How to use

Use after cleansed as toner day and night.

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