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Monthly promotion exlusively on O'slee Malaysia online shopping.

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Combo Set
- Rosehip Hydra-White Cleansing Powder - Rosehip Beauty Solution III   Contains..
RM109.80 RM79.88
Rosehip Peeling Gel(60ml) Rosehip Beauty Solution lll (60ml) UV Block Powder (UV White++) SPF..
RM425.50 RM99.00
HD Flawless Rosehip BB Cream SPF26 PA++ (50ml) UV Block Powder (UV White++) SPF20 PA++ (8g..
RM268.60 RM99.00
Rosehip Moisturizing Cleanser (110ml) Rosehip Beauty Solution lll (60ml)  Aqua Medi..
RM215.70 RM79.00
ClearSpa Sleeping Mask Advanced Formula ClearSpa Complete C-Shape Eye Mask Honey Sugar Mask ..
RM188.70 RM89.00
Hydra Medi- Intensive Hydrating Serum
O’slee HYDRA MEDI Intensive Hydrating Serum contains a high concentration of Hyaluronic Ac..
RM129.90 RM39.88
pro eye
Rosehip Complete Eye Cream 15ml Pro-Eye Medi Intensive Eye Serum 15ml   Rosehip ..
RM189.80 RM99.00
Pore Medi
O'slee Pore Medi- Perfect Pore Refine Serum 15 Seconds Pores Invisible. New Advanced Pore ..
RM129.90 RM39.88
White Medi- Perfect Whitening Serum
Non-stop Restrain Melanin Buildup, Long-lasting whitening effects!   O'slee White- M..
RM129.90 RM39.88
UV Cut Medi Anti-Shine Sunblock Lotion SPF30 PA++
Hydrating 'Oil Control' UV Block + Hide Pores And Fine Lines     ..
RM129.90 RM39.88
HD Flawless Rosehip BB Cream SPF26 PA++
Super Breathable No make up meltdowns O’slee HD FlawLess Rosehip BB Cream is extre..
RM129.90 RM39.88
UV Block Powder SPF20 PA++ (UV White++) (without box)
O'slee UV Block Powder (UV White++) SPF20 PA++ provides: Whitening: With V..
RM68.90 RM34.45