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Monthly promotion exlusively on O'slee Malaysia online shopping.

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ClearSpa Complete C-Shape Eye Mask (1pcs)
Brighten your eyes! Special C-Shape, Flexi-Adjustable, suitable for all shapes of eyes.&nb..
RM13.90 RM5.90
Rosehip Beauty Solution lll
Contains 7 enhanced Skin Care benefits resulted in Extra Moisturizing & Extra Whitening: ..
RM63.50 RM50.80
Dark Circle Reducing Eye Care
The Golden hours for Masks When people are in sleep, the whole body is under relaxing cond..
RM63.50 RM50.80
11.11 BeautySet- Rosehip
Rosehip Whitening Mask Rosehip Beauty Solution lll Rosehip Hydra-White Cleansing Powder Ros..
RM209.60 RM109.00
O'slee Mask Removing Sponges
Soft and gentle This innovatively designed sponges are great for removing any and all f..
RM12.50 RM5.99
11.11 BeautySet- Aqua
Aqua Medi (50ml) Rosehip Moisturizing Cleanser (110ml) Rosehip Peeling Gel (60ml) Aqua Me..
RM163.70 RM79.90
11.11 BeautySet- BB
Super Breathable No make up meltdowns O’slee HD FlawLess Rosehip BB Cream is extre..
RM127.00 RM63.50
11.11 BeautySet-SFM
Sliming Face & Deep Cleansing in 10mins No Need Lipomassage Or Injection Acceler..
RM167.80 RM83.90
11.11 BeautySet- PMM
“Whitening & Anti-Aging”  Most favorite skin meal for you The antioxida..
RM127.00 RM63.50